VitalTrax Launches First Commercial Product, Wing, Connecting Patients to Clinical Trials

September 6, 2017 (Philadelphia, PA) – VitalTrax today announced the commercial availability of Wing, a Clinical Trial Network, that gives patients, caregivers, and physicians a streamlined experience finding and enrolling in clinical trials.

Operating as an intersection, Wing also provides trial sponsors and research sites the ability to publish and promote their trials for increased visibility. Research sites are given the tools to interact with and enroll patients. By addressing the unique needs of the entire ecosystem – patients, research sites and sponsors – Wing creates a seamless Clinical Trial Network that facilitates enrollment and participation of patients in clinical trials.

“Wing meets a critical need for patients – to find and enroll in clinical trials – efficiently. This is a desperately unmet need in the industry and we’re looking to bridge the divide.”  said Zikria Syed, Co-Founder and CEO of VitalTrax. “Think of the democratization OpenTable brings to the restaurant industry – that’s what we are doing for clinical trials.”

VitalTrax team, which received funding as part of the Digital Health Seed Fund, a collaborative agreement between Safeguard ScientificsBen Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Independence Health Group, has decades of experience building secure and compliant solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Wing complies with HIPAA and FDA regulations to ensure patient’s data is secure and shared with only the healthcare providers they choose.

“Finding a clinical trial in Wing is simple and effective. It helps to manage the application process which can be stressful and arduous for patients. It meets a critical need for patients today who are looking for a clinical trial that may be the right treatment for them” said T.J. Sharpe, a cancer survivor and patient advocate who serves on the advisory board for VitalTrax.

About VitalTrax

At VitalTrax connect, our mission is to enable patients to participate in clinical trials. Wing is a clinical trial network that allows patients to find and enroll in clinical trials. For more information, please visit

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