PatientWing Launches Website to Help You Volunteer for COVID-19 Clinical Trials is a valuable resource for patients, healthy volunteers and researchers 

Philadelphia, PA – April 10, 2020 – PatientWing (, a company with the mission of connecting patients with clinical trials, today announced that it has launched to increase enrollment in COVID-19 clinical trials. 

As government agencies, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies around the world work frantically to create treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the number of clinical studies grows exponentially.  On the day the website launched, April 7, 2020, there were already 320 studies looking to recruit over 15 million volunteers. features helpful clinical trial information – what are clinical trials, why should you participate, etc. – as well as a robust listing of all COVID-19 trials with filters such as status, gender, and location to increase accessibility. 

“Due to the large number of studies and volunteers needed, it is critical that we educate and help patients and volunteers find and enroll in appropriate studies. Additionally, it is going to be very difficult for researchers to find qualified participants, like with any other condition.  We are launching this website to facilitate this matching process – a resource for patients to find and enroll in the right studies. We are also providing our patient onboarding and enrollment tools to research sites at no cost,” said Zikria Syed, co-founder and CEO at PatientWing. 

“Given the enormous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are looking for ways to help, but don’t know how, or where to look.  We designed a patient-friendly website, with content, resources and a user-friendly listing of all COVID-19 studies,” said Stephen Worley, Director of Marketing at PatientWing. “At PatientWing, we are always thinking of creative ways to raise clinical trial awareness – now more than ever. Let’s raise awareness and fight COVID-19 together by making clinical trials accessible to the people that need it most – everyone.” 

About PatientWing 

PatientWing is the first end-to-end, HIPAA-compliant, patient engagement platform that enables clinical trial sponsors to communicate with patients before, during and after their studies. For patients, PatientWing offers an easy-to-use navigation tool to search for clinical trials by condition, geography, age and more. For sponsors and researchers, PatientWing actively promotes trials, enrolls patients, and provides a custom-branded platform with tools enabling sponsors to build relationships and trust with patients to bring life-saving treatments to market. 

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