Growing List of Organizations Joining PatientWing to Promote COVID-19 Clinical Trials

With no national, cultural or racial boundaries, COVID-19 has become the indiscriminate killer of nightmares – a pandemic killing over 130,000 people worldwide, leaving over two million people diagnosed, affecting 7.6 billion people (i.e. everyone).  

It is clear that no one person, government or organization can fight this pandemic alone, so joining forces with the right partners is not only prudent but essential. In the last week alone, we saw multiple US State Governments coordinate reopening plans, rival tech titans, Google and Apple, team up to create alerts for COVID-19 contact and pharmaceutical giants, GSK and Sanofi, join forces to create a COVID-19 vaccine.  

We, too, can’t fight COVID-19 alone. We partnered with eight organizations to help promote COVID-19 clinical trials at With over 500 active trials running, and with over 17 million volunteers needed, now is the time to partner to raise clinical trial awareness and help end the coronavirus once and for all. COVID-19 may not have any boundaries, but neither do we, and neither does our initiative to fight this pandemic together.  

To our current partners, we thank you, we are forever grateful for your amazing support and collaboration, we could not have done this without you. 

Our Current Partners 

Worldwide Clinical Trials, Rare Revolution Magazine, People with Empathy, Syndio Health, Clinlogix, Innovative Supply Solutions, Pharmica Consulting, Intrinsic Clinical Systems, IPSUM Clinical, Roundtrip, Quartesian, Agatha, Corlexia, GeoSera, HealthyWomen

Learn more about them on Our Dedicated Partners page! 

A Message to Potential Partners 

We are always looking for more partners – if you are wanting to join us in the fight against COVID-19 please send us a message at and we will be in touch!  

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