Help Save Coachella: Why Volunteering for a Vaccine Study Matters

For thousands of Americans, the world came to a halt when Coachella (an annual music festival held in Southern California) was postponed to October. No one knew what to do with their newly purchased outfits, or the hours they spent purchasing a ticket, the hardships they suffered attempting to find an Airbnb or hotel that was in a reasonable distance to the venue – spring break was cancelled. 

To top it off, not only was America’s festival (the beacon of hope amidst a pandemic) postponed, but according to a recent press briefing, CA Governor Gavin Newsom believes large-scale events are not in the cards until we have a COVID-19 vaccine; by most estimates a widely available vaccine is at least a year away.  

So long Coachella! See you in 2021 (maybe)! 

Beyond teens and young adults crying that their Halloween has also (most likely) been cancelled, everyone else (the majority of people) hates to see industry conferences, networking events, live sports, any other concert besides Coachella, being cancelled as well. So what can we do to bring back social gatherings? 

Like Gov. Newsom said, we need a coronavirus vaccine, and you can help make that happen today.

What even are vaccines?”, you ask. 

Vaccines are preparations (usually in the form of an injection) that build up immunity to a disease, otherwise prevent the disease (think of the annual flu shot).

“Okay, I get it, but how can I help?” 

For a vaccine to reach the mass public, researchers must evaluate all the potential vaccines in a series of clinical trials.

There are currently 3 vaccine trials in the United States and all of them are looking for healthy participants (those of you sitting on the couch wondering what to do now that you aren’t at Disneyland, work, or a concert).  

By volunteering in one of these studies, you are helping to bring a vaccine to millions of people around the world, helping to end COVID-19 so that life can go back to normal (well, the new normal), so that once again we may gather in excessively large crowds for fun.  

Interested in learning more about COVID-19 Vaccine Trials? Go to and use filter “vaccine” to volunteer today. 

Let’s fight COVID-19 together. 

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